PROGENE® Oak Ridge High Speed Centrifuge Tubes and Bottles

  • 80% of total capacity must be filled for proper performance
  • Polypropylene tubes feature a round bottom, uniform wall thickness, a round bottom and are fully autoclavable
  • Economical and leak-proof, can be used in refrigerated or standard centrifuges
  • Ideal for chloroform and phenol extractions - Maximum RCF is 50,000g

Grouped product items
Sku Description Unit Price Qty
229460 PROGENE® Oak Ridge-Style 10 mL Round-Bottom Tubes 12/Pack
229461 PROGENE® Oak Ridge-Style 30 mL Round-Bottom Tubes 12/Pack
229462 PROGENE® Oak Ridge-Style 50 mL Round-Bottom Tubes 12/Pack
229467 PROGENE® Oak Ridge-Style 250 mL Bottles 2/Pack
229468 PROGENE® Oak Ridge-Style 500 mL Bottles 2/Pack