PlateSeal™ Extra-Thick Sealing Foil

PlateSeal™ Extra-Thick Sealing Foil


PlateSeal™ Incubation SealStrips™

PlateSeal™ QuickSeal™ Applicator System

  • Achieve fast and efficient microplate sealing with the PlateSeal™QuickSeal™Applicator System
  • This revolutionary new way of applying sealing films allows microplates to be sealed three times faster than using sheeted films
  • Quickseal Applicator System is an environmentally friendly green product which reduces waste; there is no protective backing to remove and discard
  • The starter kit includes a re-usable dispenser and 2 rolls of film; replacement rolls are sold separately
  • The polypropylene applicator protects the sealing film from dust and contaminants and can be stood on edge when not in use to minimize space
  • Each sheet on the roll is perforated and separated by an adhesive-free, color-coded band which allows the user to pull the next sheet without touching the adhesive
  • The smooth lower surface or backside of the dispenser can be swept across the film to seal the plate
  • Great for sealing 96 well plates
  • Quickseal Applicator System rolls are available in two product constructions:


Incubation film

  • Ideal for ELISA, incubation and general use
  • Incubation 38 µm thick polyester film minimizes evaporation, reduces cross-contamination and prevents spillage:
  • Temperature Range -40°C to +120°C


Breathable film

  • Ideal for cell, tissue and bacterial cultures
  • Breathable 114 µm thick hydrophobic, gas permeable film with a medical grade, non-cytotoxic adhesive facilitates air and CO2 exchange while minimizing evaporation and reducing cross-contamination; moisture vapor transmission rate = 4,200g/m2 /24hrs
  • Temperature Range -20°C to +80°C

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PS-PET-200K QuickSeal™ Applicator System with Incubation Film 2/Pack
PS-PET-200R QuickSeal™ Replacement Incubation Film for use with Applicator 2/Pack