Arctic Squares Freezer Boxes

  • Safely store vials from -196 to +121°C in mechanical freezers as well as liquid nitrogen
  • Models B and D with hinged lids and built-in stop allow one-handed access to samples
  • Polycarbonate cryostorage boxes include vent and drainage holes and are fully stackable
  • Resistant to most chemical and organic solvents
  • Polycarbonate boxes are designed with unique features to help orient, identify and access vials with ease.
  • Forward-sloped base and high contrast indexing on the transparent lid ensure quick visual orientation
  • Magnetic tipped forceps supplied with styles B and D help pick vials and remove boxes from freezer racking
  • All boxes have vent and drainage holes, are stackable and autoclavable
  • Model A:  5 x 5 Array Boxes: Ideal for small sampling. Hold 25 vials. Friction fit, slide-on lid.
  • Model B: 9 x 9 Array Standard Boxes: Holds tubes in an easy-to-pick formation. Popular array makes sample retrieval simple. Hold 81 vials. Hinged lid. Includes forceps.
  • Model D: 10 x 10 Array Boxes: Holds the maximum number of tubes in standard footprint. Hold 100 vials. Hinged lid. Includes forceps.

Grouped product items
Sku Description Unit Price Qty
33-23325-A 25-Place Polycarbonate Freezer Boxes with Detachable-Lid for 1-2 ML Vials, Red 8/Pack
33-23381-B 81-Place Polycarbonate Freezer Boxes with Hinged-Lid for 1-2 ML Vials, Assorted 4/Pack
33-23300-D 100-Place Polycarbonate Freezer Boxes with Hinged-Lid, Blue 4/Pack