The Ultimate Guide to Microscope Slides

Are you familiar with microscope slides, but find the terminology, features, and extensive options overwhelming when it comes to making a selection?

We are going to break down the difference between each slide type to help you identify which type is best suited for your application.

A plain slide is the most basic type of slide available. It is made of glass and measures 3” by 1” (75mm by 25mm) and is approximately 1 mm thick. On wet slides, a cover slip (an even smaller, thinner piece of glass) is used to secure the object under observation to the slide. The sample, fixed between the microscope slide and cover glass, is then placed into the microscope for examination. 

A frosted slide is a slide that has been grinded or chemically etched to create microgrooves which elevate bond strength. While these microgrooves can help ensure a solid attachment of the specimen to the sli

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