4 Reasons Life Science Labs are still Experiencing Supply Shortages

As the COVID pandemic continues to twist and turn, life science labs are still experiencing supply shortages. We break down the main reasons why so many life science labs are still struggling to source consumables 18 months into the pandemic.

1- Increased Demand for COVID Testing

Supplies Microplates, transfer pipettes, filter tips, gloves, and other equipment typically needed for life science labs are also needed for hospitals, testing centers, and vaccine administration sites. The pandemic’s sudden arrival made it difficult for consumable suppliers to grapple with an unprecedented demand for a historically stable product.

2- Decreased Supply of Plastic and Polypropylene

This first point relates to another step back on the supply chain as plastic/polypropylene needed to make a variety of research equipment such as cell culture dishes, pipettes, centrifuge tubes, etc., a

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