The Evolution of the Microscope

Imagine what the world would look like today if we could only see what was visible to the naked eye? The existence of cells would still be unknown to us, vaccines and medicines would be significantly less effective, and we would have far less understanding of what makes organisms live and thrive. What I just described is the world without the microscope. Let's take a look at how this revolutionary instrument came to be. 

10th Century:

The Romans and Egyptians were the first to experiment and create with glass. They made it using sand, alkali, metal colouring and sodium carbonate, then forming it with seaweed and lime. They would use it to make and sell expensive art with a range of colours, techniques and complex patterns. 

13th Century:

In Florence, Italy, a man named Salvino D’Armato Degli Armati discovered that convex glass makes objects appear larger. With that knowledge, he invented the first pair o

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