How To: Select a PCR Plate for Your Thermal Cycler

PCR technology is one of the most prevalent yet powerful molecular biological tools at our disposal. Despite our familiarity with the technology, selecting the right consumables for PCR analysis can remain a challenge. We are going to break down the different attributes to help you identify the best PCR/qPCR plastics for optimal performance.

While we provide some selection tips in this article, it’s important to remember that the plate you select ultimately needs to be compatible with your thermal cycler or sequencer. Compatibility with your equipment is the most important consideration when selecting a plate. 

1-     Size

Well Count: PCR plates are available in a range of formats, at Ultident, we sell plates with 24, 48, 96 and 384 wells, however 96 and 384-well plates are the most used in Canada. We also carry perforated plates that can be easily divisible into strips of 8. Regardless o

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