From Tissue to Technology: 8 Fun Facts About Cell Culture Research

1- In 2020, stem cell experiments were launched into space.

Two lead research from the University of Zurich sent adult human stem cells to the International Space Station. The experiment started on March 6th 2020 as part of a resupply mission on Space X’s CRS-20. The researchers are testing an innovative method to produce human tissue, and hope to gain a better understand of how human tissue is produced in the weightless atmosphere of space.

2- Frog nerve fibers were the first successfully cultured animal cells grown outside the human body.

In 1907, American zoologist Ross Granville Harrison cultured frog neuroblasts in a lymph medium. This proved that nerve fibers can be developed without a pre-existing bridge or chain and that tissues can be grown outside of the body. This finding helped pave the way for stem cell research, an understanding of the nervous system and surgical tissue

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