The Coolest Science and Tech Discoveries of 2021

Despite societal shifts that have impacted nearly every aspect of our lives, scientists have kept discovering, innovating and ensuring the world keeps moving forward. This relentless ingenuity has led us to impressive achievements in life science research, technology, and the convergence of these disciplines. 

Here are some of the coolest discoveries you may have missed.

1- Graphene: The Most Valuable Nanomaterial 

At one atom thick, Graphene is the thinnest compound known to man. Did we mention it’s also 200 times stronger than steel? Graphene has the ability to change the capacity, and longevity of batteries (by 10 fold!), which will effectively make sustainable technologies such as electric vehicles and solar panels much more viable in the future.

2- Xenobots: Scientists Build the First-Ever Living Robots that can Reproduce

Xenobots, assembled in a petri dish from frog stem c

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