6 Tips for Safe Centrifugation

1- Use the right equipment

When it comes to selecting the right centrifuge, the most important factor is the spin rate. The spin requirements of your application (calculated in Relative Centrifugal Force, aka RCF, aka the g-force) must be equal to or lower than the maximum spin rate of the centrifuge. The type of rotor you select (fixed angle vs. swinging bucket) and its size will also impact the RCF of your equipment. Always operate rotors within the stated guidelines for speed and maximum compartment mass and be sure to keep all centrifuge components clean and well lubricated. Finally, make sure your centrifuge is calibrated and in proper working order or risk dangerous spills and sample loss. 

2- Choose the right tubes

While selecting the right centrifuge tube will ultimately depend on your protocol’s specific needs, spin rate is once again a crucial component. You must use a tube which h

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