Research Advances in Breast Cancer Treatment

Did you know October is breast cancer awareness month? This year we decided to take a look at the most advanced treatment methods for breast cancer, developed by researchers like yourself. These technological advances not only improve the precision and effectiveness of treatment, but improve the quality of life for patients and offer hope for a cure. 

Before we dive into the latest research advances in breast cancer treatment, it’s important to remember that there is not one standard treatment plan for all who are battling breast cancer. There are multiple factors to considered, such as

  1. The stage of breast cancer a patient is diagnosed with
  2.  The patient’s age (pre- or post-menopause) 
  3.  The status of hormone receptors and HER2 status (The HER2 protein promotes the growth of cancer cells)
  4.  The patient’s overall health

After weighing all these

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